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The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo Will Wait for its Athletes with Recyclable “Cardboard” Beds

The 2020 Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo will offer beds made out of cardboard for athletes with suitable mattresses, manufactured of polythene.

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Is Australia’s domestic waste recycling industry about to thrive?

Australia’s prime minister, Scott Morrison, made a solemn promise to tackle the recycling crisis in Australia and put an end to exporting waste.

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Are plastic bottles being replaced by aluminum cans?

Plastic still currently stands strong as the preferred packaging material worldwide. A shift is, however, expected, with regular citizen and political figures alike pushing up the issue.

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Get Waste Levy Ready - Circular Economy Collaboration in the CBD

the Get Waste Levy Ready event was held recently at the Emporium Hotel in Brisbane, powered by Mil-tek for Collaboration in Queensland

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