2509 Plastic Cardboard Baler

2509 Plastic Cardboard Baler

For dealing with large volumes of cardboard and plastic waste, the Mil-tek 2509 is the ideal solution. Even though the baler has a relatively small footprint, it creates dense bales of up to 400kg

  • For large volumes of waste
  • Auto bale-out functionality
  • Wide compacting chamber
  • EN16500 compliant
  • Fast pressing cycle
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The wide door and deep chamber of the Mil-tek 2509 baler mean large volumes of cardboard can be baled without the need for breaking down or flat packing. Plastic packaging stored in Mil-tek plastic bag stands can be placed directly into the baler saving time and therefore cost when dealing with packaging waste.

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The Successor

The 2509 baler is out of production. The successor is better in every way – check out the A509


For large volumes of waste

With two pneumatic cylinders and a wide door opening, the Mil-tek 2509 is a heavy-duty solution that can handle large boxes and large amounts of waste. The deep compacting chamber allows for dense and heavy bales without the need for a lot of floor space. Large boxes can be loaded into the machine without the need for flat packing. The baler eliminates regular trips to the outside bins and containers.

Safe and easy

Finished bales from the 2509 fit perfectly on a standard pallet and are easy to transport. When placed close to where the waste is generated, staff are spending time doing their assigned job, instead of moving empty boxes to the outside container, and breaking the boxes down before loading them into the container.

The 2509 is a machine designed with the end user in mind, safe to use, and with an ergonomic loading height. Emptying the baler is easy, the automated bale-out functionality is a safe way to get the finished baler from the machine onto a pallet.

Mil-tek 2509 Baler

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