A406 Cardboard & Plastic Baler


The super-fast 15 seconds pressing cycle of the A406 is a result of the newest pneumatic technology, the only thing the A406 needs is an outlet with compressed air, easy to install, and with a footprint of only 1m2, the A406 is an unmatched package.

  • 175 kg cardboard bales & and 225 kg plastic 
  • Automatic bale-out functionality
  • Double-acting cylinder with ECODrive
  • Wide chamber for larger materials
  • Adjustable bale size
  • 1m2 footprint
pneumatic-air-power-badge cardboard-badge plastic-badge

Super-fast baler with 8000kg of pressing force, with a wide and deep chamber for large-sized waste.

pneumatic-air-power-badge cardboard-badge plastic-badge

8000 kg of power in just 1m2

The super-fast pressing cycle of the A406 is a consequence of the Mil-tek pneumatic technology – in less than 15 seconds the baler compresses cardboard or plastic with a pressing force of 8000 kg and the result is a cardboard bale of 175kg and a plastic bale weighing up to 225kg.

With a footprint of only 1m2 but with a deep and wide chamber, the A406 is an incredibly efficient and compact solution

Compressed air – no oil

The pneumatic construction of the A406 means that there is no risk of leaking hydraulic oil – everything is powered by compressed air.

The baler is ideal for compacting cardboard and plastic but can also be used for a variety of other materials. The large compacting chamber makes the A406 suitable for large boxes and bags of plastic.

The two-handed bale out mechanism based on the EN16500 safety standard makes emptying the baler easy and safe.


Increasing workshop efficiency

The motorcycle dealer and workshop, Skjern Motorcycles is very aware that keeping the store and workshop nice and tidy has a great impact on the customer experience and the workshop’s efficiency.

In a busy workshop, the mechanics have to be efficient, and the right tools need to be available, waste and packaging has to be out of the way, keeping the focus on the right things. Watch the video to see how the A406 has become an integrated part of the workshop solving several problems

Technical specifications

Degree of compaction


Cardboard Bale

Plastic Bale

Pressing cycle

< 175 kg

< 225 kg

15-25 sec.

Bale Size


760-880 mm


890 mm


735 mm


13 mm (#999011)

Door Opening


570 mm


890 mm


700 mm

Machine Size


2530 mm


1090 mm


941 mm


675 kg


Noise Level

< 70 db (A)


Pressing force at 8 bars

8000 kg



CE, EN16500, UKCA

A406 Cardboard & Plastic Baler

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Dust accumulation issues?

You can add dust extraction to this baler.

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