Refurbished baler

Refurbished balers and compactors for sale – “like-new-condition”

Explore our selection of Second Hand balers and compactors, all meticulously refurbished to ‘like-new’ condition.
All our refurbished machines are covered by warranty.

Quality Refurbished Balers for Sale

We can be strict at Mil-tek when it comes to certain matters, including quality. We have operated for more than 30 years without ever having a liability lawsuit. Long-lasting machines are the product of a constant dedication to quality and safety.

As a result, we refurbish our second hand cardboard, plastic, and EPS machines and resell them or rent them out again in “like new” condition and warranty is always included.

What to look for when buying a Second Hand baler?

To assure the highest level of quality and performance, we hold our refurbished Mil-tek equipment to the same exacting standards as we do our brand-new ones.

Refurbished: We put a second hand baler through a rigorous testing method before refurbishing it. Only fresh parts are used if replacements are necessary.

 Certified: Once the testing is over, a Mil-tek expert will confirm that the baler is suitable for purchase.

 Warrantied: Refurbished balers and compactors come supplied with warranties.

 Guaranteed: Our quality stamp of approval guarantee is only applied to equipment that has been certified by a Mil-tek expert.

Refurbished Mil-tek Balers & Compactors undergo extensive testing and servicing procedures prior to sale.

Refurbished cardboard baler

We have a refurbished baler or compactor for every purpose, up to the standards of a brand-new machine, whether you need to bale cardboard or compact general garbage.

Refurbished balers
We have a full selection of refurbished Mil-tek balers, ranging in size from micro to mill, that can be used to bale cardboard and plastic in small and large quantities.

Refurbished compactors
Mil-tek compactors, whether they are new or used, are robust and long-lasting by design. General garbage, polystyrene, or insulation that is compact.

Rent or Buy A Refurbished Baler

It doesn’t matter if you decide to buy or rent a compactor or a baler.Finding the ideal recycling equipment that meets your operational, budgetary, and logistical needs is important.

So ask away.

Most likely, a member of our staff has advised a company similar to yours and demonstrated to them how they may use a Mil-tek recycling baler to reduce their waste of time, space, and money.

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