Marley Spoon

Lean food manufacturing

Hygiene, efficiency, and sustainability go hand in hand. Marley Spoon achieved game-changing results, by changing the thought process behind waste management.

Sustainable waste handling solution

Circular economy, sustainability, Lean principles – all of this combined with reduced time spent and less waste pickups. Learn how Mil-tek helped Marley Spoon archive groundbreaking results when rethinking the internal waste handling

Marley Spoon - Lean food manufacturing

Video case

Watch how Marley spoon turned a waste challenge into a time and money-saving solution, with sustainability and circular economy as an added bonus.

Sustainable focus

Marley Spoon is a company that prides itself on being sustainable and reducing waste to a minimum. This is not only important for the company, but also for the customers. After struggling to find ways to effectively manage the waste, the partnership with Mil-tek changed everything.

No more waste of time and money

Man hours spend on emptying bins, and the number of pickups was reduced significantly after incorporating the Mil-tek Lean principles into Marley Spoon’s waste handling.

The reduction of the carbon footprint is a free bonus!

Circular economy

Marley Spoons boxes are made from 50% recycled cardboard, and by baling their cardboard waste, and making it ready for recycling, the circular economy perspective becomes very clear.

At the food manufacturing plant, they are not only compacting cardboard, but they also crush cans, bale soft plastic an compact general waste.

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