Privacy Policy for Mil-tek

Information about Privacy policy and GDPR.

About General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

2 of the 6 grounds concerning data usage are applicable to this website as a B2B marketing channel (i) consent and (ii) legitimate interest.

By submitting your personal/professional information on this website to Mil-tek via a contact form, brochure download, web purchase, etc. you are consenting to be contacted by a representative of Mil-tek.

Your submitted information is privately and securely held and is never shared with 3rd parties.

The information we receive from you (i.e. phone number, email address, etc.) is necessary and pertains purely to the legitimate interest of the business, which will never supersede the legitimate interest of you the individual.

Individuals who have consented to be contacted by Mil-tek retain the right to have their information removed from our secure database. Should you wish to do so, simply write to us and request to be unsubscribed.

More Information

If there is something that you aren’t sure about or if you are still looking for more information then please get in touch here.


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