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Bulk bags

Bulk bags, also called big bags, and FIBCs, are hugely useful in a wide variety of industries from agriculture to construction.

Using and reusing bulk bags

Bulk bags are used heavily in any industry that handles large volumes of dry, loose material such as sand, grain and animal feed.

In most cases, bulk bags are used and reused but compacting the bags after use makes the process much more straightforward.

What are bulk bags?

Bulk bags are large, heavy-duty textile containers for large volumes of loose material. Materials like sand, grain, powders, and animal feeds are all typical stored and transported in such containers.

Big bags can vary widely in size depending on the material and industry involved. Typically, they hold 800-900kg in material and weigh around 2-3kg each.


Recycling & compacting bulk bags

Bulk bags are entirely recyclable but because of their size, compaction is almost always necessary. In addition, because bulk bags are typically used to transport loose material such as sand or grain, they would need extensive and complex cleaning before reuse.

Often, bulk bags are compacted and transported en masse to a recycler who can arrange to shred the material and recycle it into new bags. Mil-tek balers can be adjusted to specifically handle big bags, with special extraction equipment to handle the dust that is expelled when compacting bulk bags.

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