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Cardboard Compactors

Mil-tek’s range of compactors for cardboard offers a
variety of solutions to compact cardboard waste.

Make recyclable bales from 40-500 kg, reduce waste
management costs and improve operational efficiency.
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The Mil-tek range of pneumatic Cardboard Compactors

The pneumatic compactor line from Mil-tek is made up of incredibly effective products that run solely on compressed air. They can handle modest to medium-sized volumes of cardboard waste by plugging them into an existing airline or compressor.

These vertical compactors need no additional energy to keep a steady pressure on the cardboard waste because of the innovative EcoDrive valves. Additionally, because pneumatic technology eliminates the need for hydraulic oil in the machinery, there is no chance of contamination or oil spills.

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Electrical Cardboard Compactors

Our electrical cardboard compactors have a high pressing force and a very low height.

The electrical series doesn’t require hydraulic oil, just like the pneumatic compactors. To obtain the optimum compaction, a “stay and hold” feature makes sure the material stays under pressure.

Perfect equipment for any company that generates a lot of cardboard waste and wants to turn waste into cash right away.

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Hydraulic cardboard compactors

For those looking for an extremely powerful cardboard compactor, a hydraulic option might be the best choice. Both horizontal and vertical hydraulic compactors are available at Mil-tek.

Some of these massive machines can produce mill-sized compressed cardboard bales that are suitable for recycling, and they can handle very heavy cardboard streams.

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