50SD Mill Size Baler for Cardboard & Plastic


The 50SD is the premier solution for businesses handling large volumes of waste on a daily basis. It produces dense mill-size bales in various materials including cardboard and plastic and boasts several automated features.

  • Automatic door operation & bale ejection
  • XL feed opening for large waste volume
  • Adjustable pressing force to suit material
  • Produces 500kg Mill Size bales
  • Bale full indicator
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With the assistance of one or more Mil-tek 50SD Mill Size Balers, internal waste handling can be optimized considerably.

In doing so, resources are made available for more value-added tasks than handling waste, and staff can focus on their core tasks.

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Intelligent Mill Size baler

The Mil-tek 50SD Mill Size Baler features an automatic sliding door that simplifies the loading process and ensures the baler is ready to compact new material when it is needed.

The pressing force of the 50SD can be adjusted to suit the material being compacted, making it flexible to suit. In addition to compacting cardboard and soft plastic, the 50SD can also handle E-waste, hard plastic, and even PET materials, producing bales of up to 300 kg.

Compacted bales are mill sized and designed to fit perfectly on standard pallets making them highly valuable for recycling purposes, and easy to store for collection.

Technical specifications

Degree of compaction


Cardboard Bale

Plastic Bale

Pressing cycle

< 500 kg

< 520 kg

55 sec.

Bale Size


1120/1170 mm


1270 mm


770 mm

Door Opening


610 mm


1140 mm


770 mm

Machine Size


3160 mm


1885 mm


1105 mm


1900 kg


Noise Level

70 db(A)


Pressing force

50 tons



CE, EN16500 & UKCA

Mil-tek 50SD Baler

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