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Cardboard Balers

Mil-tek’s range of balers for cardboard offers a
variety of solutions to minimize cardboard waste.

Make recyclable bales from 40-500 kg, reduce waste
management costs and improve operational efficiency.
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Pneumatic Cardboard Balers – fast, minimal power use and oil-free

The pneumatic line of balers from Mil-tek is made up of incredibly effective machines that run solely on compressed air. Simply plug them into an existing airline or to a compressor and compact modest to medium-sized volumes of cardboard waste.

These vertical balers for cardboard need no additional energy to keep a steady pressure on the cardboard waste because of the innovative EcoDrive valves. Additionally, because pneumatic technology eliminates the need for hydraulic oil in the machinery, there is no chance of contamination or oil spills.

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Electrical Cardboard Balers – high compaction pressure and low height

Our electrical cardboard balers have a high pressing force and a very low height – simply fit them in almost anywhere to minimize your cardboard waste.

The electrical series doesn’t require hydraulic oil, just like the pneumatic line. To obtain the optimum compaction, a “stay and hold” feature makes sure the material stays under pressure.

Perfect equipment for any company that generates a lot of cardboard waste and wants to turn waste into revenue.

Find an electric cardboard baler that suits your needs below, or contact us for more information about these models.

Hydraulic Cardboard Balers – heavy-duty machines for high waste volumes

For those looking for an extremely powerful cardboard baler, a hydraulic option might be the best choice. Both horizontal and vertical hydraulic compactors are available at Mil-tek.

These machines handle very heavy cardboard streams, thick cardboard and big boxes. They produce mill-sized compressed cardboard bales that can go directly to recycling, and streamline your day-to-day operations efficiently.

Find a hydraulic cardboard baler that suits your needs below, or contact us for more information about these models.

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Benefits of Cardboard Balers

  • Reduces Waste Volume: Compacts and compresses cardboard waste, significantly reducing its size and freeing up valuable space.
  • Lowers Disposal Costs: By reducing volume, fewer pickups by waste haulers are needed, which can lower overall disposal costs.
  • Improves Recycling Rates: Facilitates easier recycling by bundling cardboard, making it more manageable and likely to be recycled rather than discarded.
  • Enhances Workplace Safety: Keeps work areas clear of cluttered cardboard, reducing trip hazards and improving overall workplace safety.
  • Increases Efficiency: Saves time spent handling waste, allowing employees to focus more on their primary tasks and responsibilities.
  • Generates Revenue: Baled cardboard can often be sold to recyclers, turning waste into an additional revenue stream.
  • Environmental Benefits: Promotes sustainability by reducing landfill waste and encouraging recycling, helping companies lower their carbon footprint.

Can everyone use a cardboard baler?

Yes! It is quite simple to operate a Mil-tek cardboard baler, and all employees, regardless of background and function, can figure it out.

  • You just have to put the cardboard in the opening, close the door, pull the handle and let the machine do the work
  • When the baler is full, bands are applied manually and then the compressed bale is removed
  • If it is a larger machine, there is automatic removal of the bale, which is tipped out and fits directly onto a standard pallet

Easy-to-understand, animated user instructions are always included with all our cardboard balers, so that even new employees can quickly learn to operate them. In addition, Mil-tek’s balers for cardboard are always safety optimized with the latest certifications.