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Polystyrene Recycling Solutions

The headache of disposing of EPS correctly is gone, a EPS compactor is the solution

An Eco-Friendly Solution for EPS Waste

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a widely used plastic material in various consumer products and is popular for protecting products inside packaging.  But proper disposal of polystyrene has become a concern for many companies. However, using the right equipment, EPS can be easily recycled and transformed into a profitable resource.

A space and money saver

Instead of disposing of EPS as bulky, costly waste full of air, a Mil-tek EPS Compactor can shred and heat the polystyrene, compressing it into dense briquettes or blocks. This process results in a volume reduction of up to 97.5% or 40:1. The compacted blocks are recyclable and can be sold directly to a recycling facility, turning EPS waste into a revenue-generating material.

Recycling Different Forms of EPS

Different forms of polystyrene, such as molded sheets and packaging peanuts, can be found in various industries. However, the most commonly used and recyclable form is EPS6. By using an EPS Compactor, EPS6 can be processed into a recyclable material and transformed into plastic components, such as electronics and toys.

Not only does EPS recycling save costs associated with landfill disposal, but it also generates revenue and improves a company’s sustainability efforts.

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