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Reduce Contamination and Improve Lean Efficiency

Without effective lean methodology beyond the production line, the true cost of wasted time and materials can be 10 times the cost of disposal.

Adopting Lean Beyond the Production Line

Manufacturing businesses rely on lean principles to keep their production lines moving smoothly, but often neglect its application beyond this area. This can result in a significant increase in waste handling costs. The lean methodology should be applied in all aspects of the business to maximize efficiency and reduce contamination risks.


Contamination Threat

Manufacturing facilities can be at risk of contamination from dust-bound particles that enter through open doors and foot traffic. Implementing lean waste management practices beyond the production line helps control this risk by keeping doors closed and reducing traffic flow.


Scalable Solutions

Effective waste-handling solutions must be scalable to accommodate a business’s growth, whether it’s a small food processing facility or a large-scale production warehouse. Mil-tek’s waste management solutions are designed to minimize waste at the source and can be customized to meet the specific needs of any business.

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Video: Food production with LEANCompacting

This animation demonstrates some of the challenges faced by food producers inside and around the production area.

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