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Cardboard Recycling Solutions

Learn more about cardboard as a material and how you can dispose of and recycle your cardboard waste.

Minimize your cardboard waste

With the right equipment you can reverse your waste situation from unmanagable to streamlined and profitable. Mil-tek has a range of both new and used machines, that can minimize your cardboard waste and make it ready for recycling.

Whatever the size and scale of your operation, we can help you with a solution that will suit your workplace, your working environment and your working requirements.

Cardboard as a material

Cardboard is a paper based but very thick material, which makes it solid for making boxes and other packing materials suitable for a lot of product types. There are two types of cardboard; Corrugated cardboard is used for shipping and for sending products to your doorstep. It’s made up of a wavy inner layer that sits between the sheets, making it thick and very durable. The second type is paperboard/chipboard, consisting of a single layer and which is typically used in cereal and shoe boxes. Both types of cardboard are made from wood fibers that come from trees, and both types are recyclable – provided not being wet or contaminated.

Problems with cardboard for companies

Many companies have an ongoing flow of cardboard waste, which is a logistical headache; storage, disposal, flat-packing, moving – it is both constant and continuous. Therefore, it is a good idea for companies, both small and big, to find a solution for how to get rid of all this waste in the best and also – to prefer – in the most sustainable way.

Recycle cardboard for more sustainability

Corrugated cardboard has the highest recycling rate of paper products, as its thickness and durability means long paper fibers. Recycled cardboard can be used as new packaging materials and boxes, and cardboard can be recycled many times without losing its strength.

Cardboard recycling helps to reduce the dumping of cardboard waste in landfills as well as contributes to the reduction in the number of trees cut down each year. By adding a Mil-tek machine to your workplace, to help you prepare your cardboard waste for recycling, your company will minimize its environmental impact remarkably.

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Recycling cardboard can even be an income

New times for your cardboard waste handling? Handling cardboard waste is a bit like brushing your teeth: it’s got to be done, and if it’s not done properly, it’ll cost you in the long run! Furthermore, if processed in the right way, waste collection companies will pay you money for your recycled cardboard.

Whatever the type and volume of cardboard waste your company produces, Mil-tek can help you find the best solution to reduce and recycle your cardboard waste.

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