E519 Electric Baler for Cardboard & Plastic

The E519 Electric Baler is a low height, heavy duty electric baler that is customised to handle large volumes of LDPE (soft) plastic packaging.
  • Strong: high compaction pressure

  • Electric: quiet & free from hydraulics

  • Low: total machine height less than 2m

  • Constant Pressure: locks pressing plate in place

  • Easy-open: user-friendly door for simple loading

  • Specialist: designed for high volumes of soft plastic

electric-badge cardboard-badge plastic-badge

The E519 handles large volumes of packaging plastic or cardboard. The low height of the machine makes for easy installation and the wide door opening makes it easy to load large volumes of waste at an optimal working height.

The machine features an easy-opening door and a simple, modern control panel, making it accessible to all staff. As it operates without mechanical hydraulics, the E519 operates quietly without causing noise interference.

electric-badge cardboard-badge plastic-badge

The Electric E519 is a quiet-running electro-mechanical baler optimized to compact large volumes of plastic.  Featuring no hydraulics and running on a spindle-driven pressing plate, the E519 quietly compacts waste material with up to 18 tonnes of pressing force.

With a total height of less than 2m, the E519 can easily be installed in most locations and can operate quietly without causing noise disruption. The walls of the E519 electric baler are designed to handle large volumes of densely compacted plastic without buckling.

Several hooks are built into the chamber walls to hold the plastic in place. A simple control system activates the pressing cycle, and is used to control additional functions such as ‘auto-start’ and ‘constant pressure’ which locks the pressing plate in place to further compact material, without any additional electrical use.

In accordance with EN16500 safety standards, the E519 features a magnetic safety switch, inductive sensors and additional safety elements to protect users.

Technical specifications

Degree of compaction


Cardboard Bale

Plastic Bale

Power supply

< 160 kg

< 230 kg

3 X 400V / 16 Amp

Bale Size


700-800 mm


1100 mm


650 mm


13mm (#999009)

Door Opening


550 mm


1100 mm


650 mm

Machine Size


1990 mm


1470 mm


835 mm


780 kg


Noise Level

< 65 db (A)


Pressing force

18 tonnes



CE, EN16500 & UKCA

Mil-tek E519 Electric Baler for Cardboard & Plastic

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