Balers and compactors

Reduce and dispose of mixed waste

Businesses that generate a regular amount of mixed waste such as waste food, unrecyclable packaging and malodourous waste need a safe and hygienic solution.

Compacting general waste

Managing mixed waste, such as food waste, unrecyclable packaging, and malodorous waste can be a challenge for businesses.

However, by implementing strategies to reduce and properly dispose of this type of waste, businesses can improve their cleanliness, hygiene, and environmental standards.

Compacting waste in the kitchen

One effective solution for managing mixed waste is using a compactor or waste press powered by compressed air.

These machines compress bags of mixed waste, resulting in thicker, heavier bags of waste that take up less space. In professional kitchens, a stainless steel, oil-free Mil-tek waste compactor can be installed directly for simple and hygienic waste compaction.

No heavy lifting when moving waste

To transport compacted waste, businesses can use a Mil-tek Lift Trolley, which eliminates heavy lifting and makes it easy to move waste to the designated area.

Offshore waste management

The Mil-tek compactors are also suitable for offshore environments where space and hygiene are essential.

Shipping and offshore environments have special requirements for the equipment used. Mil-tek stainless steel models with a fixed frame and sliding wagons are optimal for uneven surfaces, shipping, and offshore environments.

For your waste and business type

At Mil-tek, we understand that every business is unique, which is why we tailor our waste management solutions to suit each industry sector and waste type.

By providing user-friendly, safe, and simple tools for handling waste, businesses can improve staff engagement and overall waste management.

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