Balers and compactors

Reduce and dispose of mixed waste – for businesses

Businesses that generate a regular amount of mixed waste such as waste food, unrecyclable packaging and malodourous waste need a safe and hygienic solution for disposal.

Compacting mixed waste 10:1

Managing mixed waste, such as food waste, unrecyclable packaging, and malodorous waste can be a challenge for businesses and it is one of the most expensive types of waste to dispose of.

With a Mil-tek Waste Compactor, you can compact almost any type of mixed waste including kitchen and wet waste, liquids and hazardous waste – with a 10:1 reduction.

Compacting waste directly in the kitchen

Low on noise and energy use, but still very efficient, our waste compactors compress bags of mixed waste, resulting in thicker, heavier bags of waste that take up less space.

Resulting in:

  • Optimisation of your working environment, with more space and less clutter
  • Solve the recurring problem of overflowing bins
  • Achieve a reduction in the number of bins and their emptying, by up to 80%
  • Discover financial savings

A hygienic solution – keeps odours and liquids inside the barrel

A compactor for mixed waste is a hygienic solution in any kitchen environment.

Mil-tek’s Waste Compactor is powered solely by compressed air and also made of stainless steel. Therefore, it can be placed in areas where food is prepared, as there is no risk of oil spillage or other contamination.

In addition, mixed wet waste in bags can be placed directly into the compactor and keep odours and liquids inside the barrel.

No heavy lifting when moving heavy bags of mixed waste

It is a good idea to have a Mil-tek lifting trolley to handle the full waste bags from the waste compactor, as they can become quite heavy.

With the lifting trolley, bags full of mixed waste can be easily transported to an outside container.

Offshore waste management

The Mil-tek compactors are also suitable for offshore environments where space and hygiene are essential.

Special equipment requirements in shipping
Mil-tek stainless steel models with a fixed frame and sliding wagons are optimal for uneven surfaces, found in shipping and offshore environments.

Safe and easy to use for all staff

We put usability, safety and simplicity first in the design of our waste compactors.

By providing your business with the equipment needed to handle mixed waste in the best possible way, you ensure more positive employee engagement.

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