Fully automated high-efficient waste handling

A crucial component of the automatically driven waste solution is the automated baler from Mil-tek

A full-automated waste management solution is implemented at Creativ Company

With the help of robot technology, a conveyor transport system, and a horizontal Mil-tek waste baler, the high-efficient Creativ Company has entirely automated its waste management.

Creativ Company - Waste management automation

Handling process with automated efficiency

Danish trade company Creativ Company distributes arts and crafts, stationery, and toys to a variety of market groups, including private customers and major retail chains.

They have automated numerous steps in the packing, unloading, and delivery of goods in an effort to improve both their own and their handlers’ efficiency.

Human as well as robotic automation

Robotics technology allows for the direct delivery of supplies to a packer, who can then pack orders at their station without having to search the facility for particular items.

After that, packing waste is put on the overhead conveyor, which transports the waste further on. The packer stays put in his station and can quickly complete orders.

Cardboard is removed and compacted

The conveyor belt is used to move the packaging waste, which is then automatically filled into a Mil-tek HZT600 baler. The baler is set up to operate semi-automatically.

When there is a full load, the loading chamber’s sensors start the pressing cycle. While the pressing cycle is finished, the chamber can still be filled.


Recycling and generating income

The production of packaging waste has made it possible for Creativ Company to make money by selling their cardboard bales. Now that the cardboard is baled and stored, the company can sell them as a commodity rather than paying to have them picked up.

This completely covers the cost of renting the baler, hence completing the circular economy cycle and promoting effective and environmentally friendly business practices.

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