2306 Plastic & Cardboard Baler

2306 Plastic & Cardboard Baler

For medium to large volumes of cardboard or plastic waste, a bit more power is required. The Mil-tek 2306 is fitted with two pneumatic cylinders, the extra pressing force is creating dense and heavy bales that fit on a standard pallet.

  • Baler for Cardboard and plastic
  • Automatic bale-out functionality
  • Low noise machine
  • Low energy consumption
  • EN16500 safety compliant
  • Deep and wide compacting chamber
  • Fast pressing cycle
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The modern waste technique of segregating and baling packaging waste using strategically placed recycling points has resulted in a significant increase in productivity across a range of organisations.

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The Successor

The last 2306 has rolled off the assembly line and the new and improved A406 has taken its place in the lineup.

Check out the A406

Businesses with medium to large amounts of waste material should be looking at the Mil-tek 2306 waste baler. The wide door opening allows for the loading of large items or large volumes. The deep pressing chamber allows for a high capacity while still maintaining a footprint which means that the baler will fit in almost anywhere.

When compacting long cardboard boxes the wide door opening of the 2306 eliminates the need for breaking down or flat packing the boxes before placing them into the baler, making it a significant time saver. The finished bales fit on a standard pallet and can easily be transported and stacked.

The Mil-tek 2306 is very easy to use and like the other machines in the Mil-tek lineup, it is also safe and can be operated by most staff. The automated bale-out function also makes it easy to empty.

Oil contamination and risk of fire are not issues when using a pneumatic baler from Mil-tek, the machine is powered 100% by compressed air and contains no electrical parts or hydraulic components.

Mil-tek 2306 Baler

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