Burger King boosts efficiency in busy, Danish restaurant

A fast food business measures every step of every process, including waste handling.

Mil-tek helps Burger King save time and increase productivity

For Burger King, efficiency is crucial, and therefore they also need efficient waste handling. Having installed a Mil-tek cardboard baler to continuously bale their cardboard waste, the restaurant can keep their staff concentrated on customer servicing, and also maintain a clean working environment with a good hygiene.

Burger King - Improved productivity in busy restaurant

Servicing around 1000 customers per day

The first significant chain to launch in Denmark was Burger King, an American fast food restaurant, in 1977. The Burger King Corporation runs about 12,000 restaurants throughout 67 countries, with 360,000 people working for the company worldwide. With 11,400,000 daily customers in all, each Burger King has an average of 1,040 daily customers. That’s a lot of burgers coming through.

Constantly measuring and optimizing workflow

Workflow efficiency is important to Burger King. All of the workstations that produce food, the pickup locations, the drive-thru, and the back-of-house are all subject to measurement.

The efficiency of the restaurant as a whole will rise as each step is completed in less time. A process improves noticeably when superfluous components are eliminated.


Finding areas to optimize

Before collaborating with Mil-tek, the restaurant had three smaller waste containers in the backyard, where staff took all the waste. A waste handler would come and empty the bins when the containers had been filled.

It was evident right away that the entire waste handling process required an overall go-through, in order to become more efficient. A Mil-tek A305 baler installed within the storeroom was found to be the most practical solution for handling the significant amount of cardboard waste.


Looking at the whole process

Installing the baler had several immediate advantages.

  • The backdoor of the storeroom could remain locked because there was no need to transport waste outside to a container.
  • This increased the storeroom’s cleanliness and maintained a consistent temperature.
  • Recyclable waste was instantly disposed of in the baler, eliminating the need for the staff to process the waste further.
  • As a result, the storeroom space was immediately cleaner and more organized, and the waste was handled in one step as opposed to two.

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