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Recycling Drums & Barrels

Facilities using large, steel and plastic drums in production need effective compaction solutions to manage these large volume containers.

Compact drums in an easy way

The most effective way to minimize the size of an empty industrial drum is using a hydraulic Drum Press, such as the Mil-tek DP250. Compacting drums in this way reduces the size by up to 90% making them easy to stack, store and recycle.

The small floorspace footprint and spray guard ensure that the DP250 can safely operate in a clean and hygienic environment.


Compacting industrial drums

From food production to manufacturing to pharmaceutical facilities, industrial drums have a wide range of uses in a variety of sectors. Their usefulness only extends to what’s inside though and once empty, they become waste.

Empty barrels take up large amounts of space but compacted they can easily be stacked, stored and made ready for recycling. Once compacted, they can easily be stacked and stored.

Compact steel and plastic drums

Beyond the traditional steel barrel, many facilities use plastic drums nowadays. These drums can also be compacted and recycled in a DP250 drum press.

A spray guard and in-built drainage system make it safe, simple and hygienic to compact large drums down to a fraction of their size and make them ready for recycling.

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