DP250 Drum Press

The DP250 is a Drum Press capable of compacting steel drums and barrels in less than a minute. With 25 tons of pressing force, even the heaviest of steel drums can be compacted to almost a tenth of their original size.
  • 85% compaction rate

  • 25 tons of pressing force

  • Surrounding spray guard

  • Quiet two-stage hydraulics

  • Automated compaction cycle

  • Collection drain for excess fluid

  • Electrical and hydraulic overload protection


With a pressing cycle of just 32 seconds, the DP250 Drum Press is an ideal accompaniment to an industry that uses so many barrels.

In addition, the small floorspace footprint (1m²) means that the DP250 can be easily installed into any working environment in order to streamline the waste management process.


The DP250 Drum Press is designed with ergonomics and safety in mind. Featuring a surrounding spray guard with a large viewing window, users can safely and conveniently operate the machine.

With a floorspace footprint of just over 1m², the DP250 is designed for installation at the point where drums are used, allowing for an integrated waste creation and compaction process.

Three venting spikes pierce holes in the drum top for ventilation during the pressing cycle and the strong-chromed piston presses down with 25 tons of pressing force.

The full pressing cycle lasts just 32 seconds, meaning that drums and barrels can be continuously loaded and compacted at a steady and regular rate.

Boasting electrical and hydraulic overload protection, state-of-the-art controls are integrated into the machine to ensure safe usage, maximum convenience, and long-lasting protection against damage. The DP250 Drum Press also features a collection drain allowing excess fluid to safely run off.

Technical specifications

Degree of compaction


Drum capacity


Power supply

Up to 200 L

25 Tons

3 x 400v 16A

Door Opening


950 mm


680 mm


800 mm

Machine Size


2920 mm


1200 mm


850 mm


750 Kg

Transport height

2400 mm

Pressing cycle


32 sec

DP250 Drumm press

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