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EPS cladding removal is handled in a green and efficient way

Due to the urgent need for safety improvements in cladding, companies need an efficient and cost-effective way to remove this material from high-rise buildings.

An Innovative Solution for EPS Cladding

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) cladding on high-rise buildings is a known safety risk and disposing of it is a complex challenge with financial and environmental implications.

Challenges in EPS Cladding Removal

Removing and disposing of EPS cladding involves multiple skip removals, which can lead to increased traffic, higher CO2 emissions, and potential accidents in densely populated residential areas. In addition, the lightweight EPS can pose a mess, hazard, and pollution risk as it can easily blow around the surrounding area.

Maximizing EPS Waste Value

Mil-tek’s hot wire foam cutter allows for the clean separation of the render from the cladding panels and the creation of clean EPS. This material can then be compacted and melted into briquette blocks, which are valuable and recyclable commodities.

A Mobile Baler for Construction Sites

Construction sites require mobility, which is why Mil-tek has developed a mobile baling solution. This machine can be easily transported from one site to another and runs on standard 220V electricity, enabling construction companies to effectively handle building-related waste on-site during construction projects and move it on once completed.

Watch the Animation: Learn how to handle EPS Cladding Removal

In this animation, see how to implement a green and efficient way to handle EPS cladding removal from apartments and buildings.

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