707 Lift Trolley

707 Lift Trolley

The XP Compactors with 10:1 compaction ratio, create dense bags of up to 50-60kg of waste. To avoid heavy lifting, the Lift-trolly is the perfect assistant, the trolly moves the full bags from the compactor to the bin or container, and the lift system, raises the bag up to the loading height of the container, eliminating all heavy lifting.

  • Carries up to 150kg
  • Eliminates all heavy lifting
  • Stainless steel lifting plate
  • Made of a powder-coated steel frame
  • Multi-directional wheel base
  • Easy transportation of compacted waste

The ideal assistant

The Mil-tek Lift Trolley is the ideal assistant for a Mil-tek X-Press Compactor,
eliminating any heavy lifting and making transportation of the finished waste
bag both safe and easy.
Instead of carrying bags to and from a skip/bin, compacted bags are simply
wheeled out, winched up and pushed off.
The lifting plate is manufactured from stainless steel, in order to avoid
corrosion and minimize wear when used in hostile and onerous environments.
The Lift Trolley is suitable for use with all XP model compactors and can also
be used to transport small/medium sized bales of plastic and cardboard.

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