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We are an international leading supplier of air-powered, sustainable waste balers and compactors. We produce vertical balers, high density balers and a range of small compactors for sale or rent and suitable for all kinds of business waste from cardboard to plastic and polystyrene.

With a low carbon footprint, designed to save money and space, and optimised for safety and customer satisfaction, Mil-tek Australia has the perfect waste management solution for your business.

Lower your carbon footprint

Less impact on the environment

Save time and space

Save money



Unstoppable: What McDonald's Owners & Operators Can Look Forward to at the Upcoming Convention

We’ve all seen it. Close of shift at the back door: rubbish bags piled high, boxes everywhere. It sits, it waits, it blocks.

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Unstoppable: the 2017 Owner Operator Convention

Following on from success of previous years, Mil-tek Australia head to Victoria this November to take part in the 2017 McDonald's System Meeting & Owner Operator Convention

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Australians Are Some Of The Biggest Producers Of Waste In The World.

Recent evidence from the Australian Bureau of Statistics identifies some encouraging trends in response environmental pressures while maintaining economic growth.

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Mil-tek’s waste solutions at Hotel Urban saves money

After analysing the current cost of waste and cleaning, and calculating the savings based on 50 percent reduction of bin removal and cleaning, it was clear that the balers would be paid for in less than 18 months.

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